About Kiwi Office Company Limited


At Kiwi Office we care about New Zealand business

New Zealand has one of the largest proportions of self-employed and small to medium-sized businesses in the world. It’s part of what makes us different and unique. Many Kiwis are out there chasing their dream by creating world class businesses of all shapes and sizes.

For Kiwi Office we are up against international competition. Most of the main office suppliers are either American or Australasian owned (or connected) corporates or private equity firms.

Like many other proud New Zealand companies we decided to take a stand i.e. there should be a leading New Zealand company of choice for office supplies. So that’s us – Kiwi Office.  We actually care about your business and we are just like your business.  

What makes Kiwi Office different?

 We are Kiwi owned

Probably like many of you wink

 We help you get on with your business

We are always thinking of ways and products designed to help you work more easily, efficiently and effectively i.e. go faster. 

 We have everything you need for your office

That’s right.  Everything you can think of. Let us reduce complexities by having one supplier who partners your business.

 We sell business products

Products designed for business use.  Not cheap substitutes.

 We offer you business pricing

We will give you the correct pricing for your business so you will never pay retail again or need to chase specials.


History & DNA

Kiwi Office grew out of the roots of Gem Office Supplies Limited, which was founded by George Mattar 42 years ago, in his garage in his Titirangi home in 1975. George had a real passion for office supplies but an even bigger heart to look after his customers …. Kiwi Office still carries that passion today.  In fact George is so passionate he still looks after customers at 82.


We are the NZ office supplies 'provider of choice' through continuing George’s passion for looking after customers.

 Kiwi Office Values

We believe our culture guides everything we do in our business.

Here are our company values that we try to live up to everyday we come into work.

  • Real Engagement
  • High Performance
  • Show Courage
  • Be Curious
  • Be Innovative
  • Good Judgement

Welcome to Kiwi Office

If you are just browsing… “hello”.  If you want to join us then there is an easy sign up form on our website.

Should you prefer to speak to a real person then call us on (09) 847 9015 or 0800 KIWIOFFICE .

Otherwise email us on sales@kiwioffice.co.nz.

We will be very happy to have a chat and work though how we can become your business partner.

We would really love to hear from you!